7 SEO Insights That Search Analysts Need To Succeed & Where To Look For Them

To be successful as an SEO analyst, you must be able to use data in a way that allows you to focus your efforts in the most effective way possible.

You have a lot of data at your disposal, but how can you make the most of it to produce quantifiable outcomes that have a direct influence on revenue?

This post will walk you through the seven key areas of concentration you’ll need to thrive as an SEO consultant, as well as the reports you’ll need to provide these insights.

Beginners will benefit the most from this, but even a seasoned vet can learn something new!

  1. Make Striking Distance a Priority Keywords
    You may find your striking distance keywords in Google Search Console.

What Are the Keywords for Striking Distance?
Keywords that rank towards the top of page one (top 10) or are already ranking on the first page but not in the top five places are considered striking distance keywords.

So, what’s the big deal about them?

The benefit of striking distance keywords is that you are already ranking in search results and might obtain a top position with minimal effort.

You might drive your keywords to the top of the SERPs by updating current material and adding more high-quality DA backlinks, for example.

How to Find Keywords With Striking Distance
To begin, go to Google Search Console and sign in.

After logging in, go to the left-hand side and pick performance, then impressions, then average position.

Select none of the other options. You should concentrate on first impressions and average position.

After you’ve chosen these two alternatives, scroll down and click impressions to change the data to show the search queries with the greatest impression count.
This data analysis has two objectives.

To begin, you want to figure out which terms have the most visibility (impressions) in Google search results.

Second, identify the keywords for which you are presently ranking in search results but are not in the ideal places.

The term “ADU plans” would be great because it has received thousands of impressions and is now ranked eighth.

The average monthly search volume for this term is 900 searches per month.

What if the keyword was to go to number one?